Investing in people and ideas across the industry spectrum

Who we are

We are an investment company - investing in people and ideas in technology and across the industry spectrum. We frequently co-invest with other investors, and are always happy to consider doing so.
we invests in number of industries including information technology, manufacturing, retail, apparel design and production, education, real estate, business services, etc.

We currently operate in Ukraine and Georgia, with plans to expand in other Easern European countries.

Mercatus is a Latin word for “market.” We are devoted to ideas of free market, as we believe it is the best way to organize free, prosperous and peaceful societies.

We support and invest in principled entrepreneurs.

Investment Areas

Higher Education

Acton Business School in Ukraine and Georgia


Design and construction of temporary buildings, retreat and vacation homes, pre-fab houses

Business Trainings

Business and entrepreneurial trainings

Apparel Design & Production

Design, production and marketing of clothing for kids, coats and accessories

K12 Schools

Design, Development and Operation of K12 schools in Eastern European countries


Technology Startups: cybersecurity, education, finance, trading


Business Management, Startups, Information Technologies and cyber security

International Trading

Import and distribution of goods from and to Ukraine and Georgia



We have ambitious goal to disrupt how education is provided in Eastern Europe and post soviet countries.

Apparel Design & Production

Product Development & Marketing


Some of Our Investments


Kid’s apparel


Innovative language learning app


Smart prefab houses

Mino Dumonti

Designer clothing for women

Ecofleet Georgia

GPS based fleet and team management solutions

Georgian Farm

Georgian food production and marketing in Ukraine